What to do with a busy 8 year old.


My daughter is 8yo. She always move, always interrupt people can't stay sit. When she does homework, it's long, she does't sit, she side track, go and do something else. I have to tell her to go back to her homework. She goes out of the room and disturb his brother. Her notes at school are not so good in primarily langage in French. She has problems with applications and reading. All teachers says that she is distracted easily, she has potential but she is not applying herself. We don't have tablets, videogames, we watch tv occasionnaly, maybe one movie every 3 weeks. She likes to help, do cooking but chores are difficults. She is always talking and can't stay sit when she eats. She had problem with focusing with her left eye and now she wears glasses. It improved her reading. The only thing she is doing, is playing piano with no partition and with no focus (she is primary school in music program) and dancing and doing gymnastics and interrupting everybody. Can you help me? I don't know what to do!

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