Whiny tantrums.


I feel kind of ridiculous asking a question now when I thought I had the Rosemond-style discipline stuff nailed. At the moment, my kids are upstairs in their rooms for the remainder of the day because they lost all their tickets. I will say the ticket system works like a charm....when I implement it. It works so well that I start to slack because I get so used to their pleasant behavior that I start letting little things slip and before you know it, the molehills have become mountains!! But I digress.

My biggest problem right now is my almost 7 year old's whining. I know by now that she will not grow out of this. Lately I have been yelling at her, pleading with her, everything I'm not supposed to do...basically completely failing to use alpha speech. Interestingly, she NEVER whines at school, according to her teacher. So would you suggest I put her to bed early because The Doctor said so? How long, given her age? I feel like she is incapable of communicating with me without whining. For example, when she wants my attention she will say, "Mamaaaaaaa, mamaaaaaaaaa." Every syllable is drawn out until I feel like I'd rather chew on tin foil then listen to her. Sorry, but it's the truth. It is worse now than it's ever been. Part of me wonders if it is just how she speaks and there ain't a darn thing we can do about it. And it's one thing to listen to in the house, but it is downright embarassing in public. She had a whining tantrum in the car while three of her friends were riding with us and I just felt very embarassed for her.
Well now that I have whined about this problem...can I have a little pep talk about what to do? Thank you :)

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