5 Year Old Poop "Accidents"


My little girl just turned 5 a few days ago. For the last year, she has been been occasionally pooping in the bathtub. She claims she can't feel it coming. After talking and trying many methods, I finally got smart and introduced her to showers; that put paid to that. After she earned her way back to baths, she did fine, and if she slipped up, back to showers. Which is when, about 2 months ago, she started pooping in her pants. Sometimes at school, mostly at home. Just a tiny bit; enough to smell and make a sticky mess. She claims she can't feel it coming out, though she definitely can feel the baby suppositories I used for 2 days just to make sure she wasn't constipated. Finally, a few days ago, I cleared her room of all toys, etc. and told her that for the next 2 weeks (at that point, we're going on a big trip) she would be going to her room right after dinner and staying there/going to bed early. Each night, she has called out to me about some sort of accident. I put a little potty in her room, but she will have an "accident" right next to it (urine). Or tonight, she pooped a tiny bit in her pants and wanted me to help her clean herself up. It sounds mean, but tonight I just calmly told her that any on purposes she had she would just have to live with, and that I didn't want to hear from her again. Although I haven't the faintest idea why, I am almost positive that she is doing this on purpose, and it is gross in a 5 year old. I am a single working mom, and I am tired. I am also going to be spending a lot of time in airports at the end of February and early March. Was kicking her out of the Garden of Eden a good idea? I didn't take away night-night stories. I have her wash her underwear when she soils them, and sit on the potty for 5 minutes after a soiling, but to no avail. She has her well-child check-up next year, and I don't know if she could have a physiological problem, though I doubt it. I need some advice; I have seriously warned her that kindergarten will not take her if she won't control her bowels. She used to be excited about kindergarten next fall, but recently she says she doesn't care.

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