Teen sex.


our 16 year old son has become sexually active with his girlfriend. This began last summer, they broke up for 4 months, but have resumed their relationship this past week. They were both virgins until then. I found out by reading his texts. Her mother is single and travels alot with her job. One issue that my husband and I had when they were dating is that her mother would leave them unattended in her apartment, knew that they were having sex, but didn't let us know. Our son didn't tell us that he was dating her again for fear of our dissaproval. We've made it clear to him that we don't think that their relationship is healthy because being sexually active at their age has potentially multiple repercussions. And, since he has lied to us about where his whereabouts make us mistrust him. He picked her up for school this morning without telling us, even though he knows he is supposed to let us know where he goes. My husband told him that we'll be driving him to school the rest of this week and that he'll lose his driving privledges if he goes to her house without her mom being home. What else should we do? It seems like our dislike of the ralationship makes it worse.

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