Ongoing discipline challenges.


At my wit's end. You told me it would get harder before it gets better, but we are merely warehousing this boy. At fifteen he does whatever he wants whenever he wants. We have successfully used a lot of Dr Rosemond's suggestions with fourteen other children but nothing is working with this one. He has no concept of family or participating in family. His room has been emptied except for bed and clothing. He can't hunt (threatened to kill husband), can't drive (crashed an employer's UTV on the highway after saying he knew how to drive) and so on. He was setting fires this summer. He cannot be around the younger children as he continues to try to molest them. He has an alarm on his door and we lock the house to keep him from wandering inside though he can wander outside at night. He still stores urine in his room in various containers he has stolen. He is about 2.3 gpa (he is very bright but rarely does or turns in anything) in public school as he would no longer do anything at homeschool. He leaves for school, walking four miles, about five thirty in the morning and returns home whenever. If he is not home by five thirty, we set his sleeping bag out for him and lock up. What is next?

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