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Our 16 year old daughter recently lied to my husband and where she was during a football game. She works for him in an audiovisual capacity on Friday nights. He had already warned her once to stay at her post. She again left her post and then lied about doing do. He fired her, which my husband and I both feel sad about, but we also feel this is fair. During his investigation of the situation, it came to light, she was apparently leaving her post to meet an 18 year old boy (already graduated who has a reputation for dealing drugs. We have never met him although at one point we did tell her she could invite him to church with us and come to lunch so we could get to know him, yet either she never did or he wouldn't come). It also came to light she has been lying about a number of other issues, says she has a driver's license (doesn't); says she owns a Corvette and a Kia (doesn't) and that she has wrecked the Kia numerous times. My husband fired her from working with him, and has told her she must apply for a job somewhere else. She also wants me (the mom) to provide transport to the football games she used to work out. I am not inclined to do so. Any suggestions for us to help her?

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