11 yo Father Wants 50/50 Custody


I really need an answer quickly. I am not the parent in this case..........my daughter is. She and her husband are divorced and have one 11 year old daughter. The custody arrangement settled on initially was for him to have her every other weekend. My daughter would get most holidays, but she gave him Easter. He has since remarried and his new wife has two boys. She and her ex share 50/50 custody of the boys. Now she and my ex-son-in-law want 50/50 custody of my granddaughter. My granddaughter seems to be doing just fine with the current arrangement....grades are good...enjoys her visits with her father. She has traveled with him and his new family to Florida along with her paternal grandmother.
My question is this: what effect would this change have on my granddaughter? Initially she didn't want to spend time with her dad. He had no idea what to do with an 8 year old. She is now 11. Can you help? They have mediation this coming Tuesday, the 11th of October. Naturally I am hoping that the change doesn't happen for reasons I can't go into here.

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