Too Late


Our daughter recently graduated from college and did well and has a good paying job. She lives with us ( 1.5 months now) but is actively looking for her own place closer to work. She has never been a tidy person and we failed during her growing up years to enforce chores. She can live like a slob and her bathroom has never really been cleaned since she moved back. When I have offered to help her clean it or asked her to clean it, it is always the same reaction: she thinks we are too controlling, neat freaks and she can live the way she wants. Even though my husband and I do not have to use her bathroom it's very disappointing to see it so unkept. We spent a lot of money renovating it and we thinks it's very disrespectful that she refuses to take care of our things. Is it too late to teach an adult how to be clean and tidy. I cringe at the thought of her living on her own and never cleaning. To keep the peace what is reasonable to expect?

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