Kids Won't Stop Fighting!


My children will not stop fighting. These fights are typical sibling things, but it is making me crazy and I need some tips on how to work this out. Also, my girls fight over me and this is very draining for me. I have two girls, one almost 7 and one almost 5. I work full time and they are both momma's girls. They both attend school full time (daycare for the youngest) but are picked up by their grandparents each day and get a lot of nurturing by the time I get home to them. The reason I include that is to say that they are not lacking love and attention. When I get them in the evening, they usually have my undivided attention. They are typically in the same room that I am in because they want to be with me. Because of their time in daycare/school their whole lives, they do great with groups of kids their ages. My oldest who is the emotional one and moody one, shares great with her friends when they are over, lets them do whatever they want to. Same with the youngest, I include that to show that socially they are capable of controlling emotions with others just not with each other. It is getting to the point that it is miserable for me to be around them together because they are constantly bickering and I get the brunt of it because they always want to be with me. Please give me some tips or ways we can all learn to manage this?

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