When Values Differ Among Families


My 10 year old daughter was best friends with a girl from her old school since kindergarten. We had to move away and homeschool our kids for about 2 years. Then we moved back to the previous city where my daughters friend is. We still homeschool and we reconnected with the family and started having play dates. The family knows that I don't let my daughter have free access to technology and I am very selective of what I let her watch on TV. This family however lets their daughter watch whatever, whenever with no supervision and she has free access to the Internet as well. I found out that when I let my daughter go over to their house, even though I had talked to them about our technology rules and how I felt, regardless, they let my daughter and her friend have unsupervised unlimited access to technology including movies and Internet that are not appropriate for their ages. My daughter also said that her friend was always wanting to wrestle and fight the whole time and she was disappointed that her friend has changed a lot since we lived here before. We've been saying no to play dates ever since but the mom and dad keep asking every week to get them together. I honestly feel like I should cut ties to this family because I can't trust them. I don't want to over react or be mean. Help!

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