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My husband has two boys, ages 12 and 4. The oldest lives only with his father and I, the youngest goes back and forth between us and his mother.
My husband is a wonderful husband and a good father to our boys. However, he makes a HUGE deal out of his youngest, enough that the oldest and all of our extended family are noticing. We only do special activities (fishing, camping, day-trips) when both boys are home. When both of the kids are with us, we eat out, visit family, rent movies, get ice cream every night; its a total 180 from what I consider normal. I try to do things with the oldest one-on-one to offset the favoritism and I use every opportunity to give him time with family so he can be the center of attention instead of his brother.
While he is handling this quite well, he notices that he is second in his father's eyes. He is entering his teens and I know he needs more time with his father. How do I address this? Should I address this?

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