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Our 8 1/2 year old daughter became anxious when we took our cruise vacation last week. She SAID she had a great time but while we were there, she got up 4-5 times each night to go to the bathroom and went excessively during the day (3 times during dinner). She does not have an infection. One time during dinner on the cruise I told her she could not go and she looked like she was having a panic attack and she started to sob loudly that she had to go to the bathroom. At home I would have handled it differently but since we were on the ship I thought it was a passing thing and took her to the bathroom. Unfortunately it has continued at home and now she is also having issues at bedtime - she can't fall asleep and keeps coming out all worried that she won't fall asleep. I just walk her to bed and tell her it doesn't matter what time she falls asleep, she needs to stay in bed. We've been back from the cruise for one week. Any suggestions on how to handle? She's totally disrupting our evenings.

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