21 year old moves back home


My daughter Larisa was born almost 21 years ago. Her father just disappeared when he found out I was pregnant. I wanted to abort her but by Gods grace he spoke to my heart and changed my mind. I know she is special to God and has purpose for her life even if I completely see no signs at all now. I was a very bad mother to her, I was 20 years old and focused on myself only. She assures me nobody never hurt, abused or did nothing bad to her in anyway. Even when I left her alone while I was partying. I neglected during her entire childhood. Two years before she graduated from high school we took her to have an abortion. I did it because I want her to have all the chances I didn't have. Me and my husband regret 100% we did it. Ever since she has changed a lot. Stays in her room, did nothing to try to get in college, we offere to pay for one year tuition and expenses for her to go to a bible institute in Argentina. She said yes! Four days before her trip she left the house and moved to MA with a guy she meet on Instagram. Stayed 1 1/2 years there depending on the government. She just came back home 2 weeks ago. She's still the exact same person or maybe worse. She has new bad habits. No vision, no motivation, no plans, no initiative. I can see something bad is about to happen within the family. We have a 5 and a 3 year old. We all love her so much. She is sweet, playfully, funny, laughs easily, I just don't know what to do to encourage her to function, do something, work, take one or two classes per semester. Is there something that's endering her? we are a very low income family, we can't help her buy a car for her. At her age I feel she should have been ahead just like the rest of her friends which seems like they don't even care she is back in GA. Is there hope for her? Thank you so much in advance for your help. I was on your website last week and clicked on "hire a couch" button. I afraid they charge a lot of money so I decided to buy your membership instead but I will get any help available. Im happy if you or anybody in your team contacts me!!! Thanks again!!!

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