Charting is Effective Tool for "ADHD" 13 YO


In the context of managing a 13 yo, ADHD boy. Funny, popular, witty, knows how to be respectful when around other adults or wants something. But he's a handful when not on his med. We are working hard to get him to get him to own his stuff. Up to take suppliments and meds at X time, downstairs for food at X, chores done and ready for ride to school at X. Hit and miss at best with or without a list. Now the discussion has turned to "what is micromanaging?" We have tried to layout the expectation in great detail so there is no misunderstanding. We also try to list out infractions so we have a record to show him. I searched the site and didn't find a clear description so my wife and I can get on the same page with how much is to much management. Thanks!

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