5 year old Nighttime Training


Hi! Our daughter wil be five next month and two weeks ago we started night potty training her. We tried when she was three but she just slept thru until the next morning and was soaked and started getting a rash on her peri area. Anyhow, I read your potty training book and love it! Thanks! so she goes to bed naked and has extra sheets to change her bed if needed, which she is totally capable and willing to do. We always tell her she's learning and totally not a big deal if she wets herself and she doesn't seem to have any anxiety about it at all. So we noticed she pees herself about 30 minutes after she falls asleep and then not again all night. She goes to the bathroom right before bed and we don't limit fluids. She drinks a ton (we're in hawaii and it's like 100 degrees right now). She'll sleep right thru it until the morning. I really don't wanna have to buy the bed alarm. Would love any old school (i.e not involving buying stuff) advice!

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