Picky Eater


Another update on my picky eater. We did the teaspoons thing for 2 months and he refused to eat a single molecule of a single food that he considered unacceptable. I think he's gotten used to going to bed hungry, and at this point I don't think he's going to give in anytime soon. He has lost weight, and out of concern for his health we are stopping the teaspoons for now. Maybe we will try again next year when he turns 5. We started this strategy at the same time with our 6yo, within a week she was trying new foods, and she now regularly eats small portions of meat and vegetables without a fuss, so I consider that a success. But for the 4yo, for now he gets regular portions of whatever we made for dinner, no special meals, and it's up to him how much he eats of it.

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