3 year old Not Dry Overnight


My son who just turned three has been day trained since he was 19 months. We have done no diapers at nap time for several months and he is consistently waking up dry. However I'm confused by some of the advice given about what to do at night. I've read conflicting info about how to deal with night time. Some savice says go cold turkey with no diapers at night, some says wait until they wake up in the morning with a dry diaper at least 60% of the time. He has never had a dry diaper in the morning and is also a very heavy sleeper. I started no diapers at night last night but he didn't wake up at all even though he was soaking wet when he woke up. I'm wondering if I jumped the gun and I need to wait until he's occasionally dry in the morning or if I should keep persevering. I know it will take awhile for him to be dry at night but I don't want to start too early. Any help clarifying the process would be so much appreciated.

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