13 yo birds and bees discussion


Good day, My 13 year old, turning 14 in August, he will be a High schooler. After months of suspension now has his phone back which I have to beg him for to return nightly to me ... almost as if he wants me to forget so he can have it all night.
2 nights ago and yesterday night I was looking through the contents of the phone and my son has a girlfriend or two. One in another county and the other in his school.
My sister said I need to have the birds and bee talk with him. I am a single parent and an evangelical christian my sister does not have kids and is not a christian. She also believes he should not have a phone or a Visabuxx card which is a prepaid debit card to receive his allowance on.
I believe she is right on all counts, but am not sure how to approach this topic, I don't want to be grandma at 40 I guess I am FREAKING OUT! How can my baby boy has a girl friend. Thank you in advance.

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