3.5 yo won't eat dinner


We've been trying the "teaspoons" idea at dinnertime to get our oldest two children (ages 6 and 3.5) to become more adventurous eaters. So far it's been 9 days and the 3.5yo has not eaten dinner once. Last night we had pizza, chicken nuggets, and peas. They got a bite of pizza, half a nugget, and 2 peas. The 3.5yo would not eat the 2 peas, even though he could have then had as much pizza as he wanted. I know that he won't starve himself, but he will sap his energy levels, make himself miserable, and ultimately stunt his growth if this goes on long enough. Is this child exceptionally stubborn or are we doing it wrong? Also would you suggest using this method with a 2yo non-adventurous eater?

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