Almost 4 year old - bedwetting


My son is almost 4 (birthday in April) he is potty trained 100% during the day and once upon a time, he was pretty good at night too. He would go almost a whole week of both naps/nights being dry. He would have an accident here or there. For the past few months he has gone completely down hill. He now has accidents both during nap and at night time. I can't even remember the last time he woke up in the morning dry. When the accidents first started happening, we put him back into a pull up because we were sick of doing laundry every single day. This last week I decided to put him back to under ware and have him wearing only under ware and a shirt. I also showed him what he had to if we woke up wet (ie. take the waterproof mat off of his bed, put a fresh towel on his bed, and go back to bed). He was instructed NOT to wake up Mommy and Daddy anymore, but to take care of the mess on his own. Last night he had a hard time going to bed, so my husband was in his room for a few minutes while he was waiting to fall asleep. My son proceeded to, while awake still, pee his pants. He then told my husband that he liked wetting his bed. I think he thinks cleaning up after himself is fun. I don't know what else to do except keep having him clean up is own mess, with the hopes that one day it will get old. Any possible thoughts on what we can do to help eliminate wetting the bed at night? Thanks.

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