3 year old Won't Go Potty Without Parental Okay


How can I get my 3 year old already potty trained daughter to take herself to the bathroom? She can access everything herself and do it all herself but will not go unless she gets an "ok" or "go use the potty" from my husband or I after she tells us that she needs to go? This is a problem lately when she is either sent to her room for discipline or just when she is playing in her room at times.. Sometimes we can not hear her say that she needs to go as she does not try very hard to be heard and she will have an accident because of it. We figured she would get the point when she saw that if she did not take herself like she was told to do that it resulted in her washing out her pants and going to her room. We have done this multiple times and she still will not take herself? Thank you in advance.

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