16 yo girl seeing a therapist


Our 16 year old daughter has tried to take her life twice. She does not talk to us regarding any problems and never has. She has always felt as though she does not want to bother or worry us and that she can handle on her own. She gets angry when we question whats going on and she just says she is depressed but does not know why. It seems when this depressions shows up- This is when i start going through her phone and computer and the reason appears to be a break up with a girlfriend or an argument with a friend. Three days ago she sent a proper goodbye email out to her girlfriends saying she could not be friend with them any longer. She also stated, "I won't ask any of you to take on the burden of me and my stupid insanity. I'm messed up and I don't need to mess all of you up too..." She is now seeing a therapist weekly- I would greatly appreciate your recommendation on a therapist in our area for a 16 year old girl.

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