2 year old nighttime fears


Hello there,
Our daughter turned 2 last month. She's generally been a good sleeper and bedtime, while not seamless, isn't so bad - some crying now and again, but nothing out of the ordinary. Lately, however, she's been much more upset at bedtime. Our routine is usually bath, teeth, books and milk (about 6oz in a bottle), potty, put into crib, songs (and a couple more visits to the potty). She's pretty well potty trained but still in a diaper at night, so she'll ask to use the potty several times, more books, more songs, etc (I stay firm if we've read all her usual books and sung her songs, but she knows I'm less likely to tell her she can't use the potty). The real problem, however, is that for the past few nights she's gotten so upset when I leave the room that she cries herself into throwing up. Is there anything we can do differently, or do we just have to ride this out? Thanks so much for your help!

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