6 year old Disrepect


We have been struggling with our 6 yr old daughter's lack of respect. When asked to do anything, we rarely get "yes m'amm"...its always an argument. We have started sending her to her room as a punishment and taking away playtime with her friends/neighbors which is her favorite thing to do. These seem to work for one day but then she is right back at it with her disrespect. Today in the car coming home from school, she asked if her friend could come over for dinner and I explained we have talked about this before and not on a school night. She yelled and screamed so I told her she had to go to her room when we got home for yelling at me like that. She would not get out of the car when we got home. So I took away 2 days of playdates and told her to get upstairs to her room. I came in and could not find her. She was underneath a side table in the den and pp'd and pooped under the table! I was in shock...this was totally to get back at me but she is 6 years old! I would like to try to come to the seminar in Nov in Gastonia if we can but if we cannot, can you help me out with earning her respect, my parenting, and her strong willed disposition? Thank you.

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