10 yr old homework accountability


This is an easy one:
My son, Isaiah, is entering fourth grade this week. He was held back once already (1st grade) because he is a terrible reader and an excellent procrastinator. My husband and I are recently married and last year, I almost killed myself worrying about making him bring home and complete his homework. So...
We sat down with Isaiah and told him that HE is now the master of his homework, his father and I will NOT complete it for him, and that we no longer care if he even brings it home. That being said, since he loves to play with all of his friends, I also told him that should he choose NOT to do his homework or bring it home with him, the consequences will be:
1.) One incident/week: Friday go to bed after supper. No friends can visit.
2.) Two incidents/week: Friday and Saturday go to bed after supper, no friends can visit.
3.) Three incidents/week: Go to bed after supper all weekend, no friends can visit.
We also told him that if the homework problem is chronic, he won't get to play with anyone at all.
Do you have any suggestions or improvements to "the plan"? My husband and I really want to help Isaiah develop some accountability and responsibility. Is this too much for a 10-year-old?

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