Followup...Worrisome Words...


Follow up to Worrisome Words... I'm guessing this has to be coming from someone at daycare, another kid because the adults in charge are impeccable. He watches no more than 1/2 hour of innocuous TV a day at home and has no video games. That being said, we obviously have limited control over what he hears from other kids. He'll be in school in the fall and I expect their influence to increase. I agree he doesn't really understand what he's saying, but should I try to talk to him about it or just say its not nice and move on? Or ignore it completely? I don't really want to punish, I definitely feel that my parents disapproval of certain topics discouraged me from talking to them when I had questions and so I got my information from other kids. Of course that was before the internet... I'd like to remain a source of information for my kids as long as possible.

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