8 yo tantrums follow up


In reply to your answer to the question "8 yo occasional wild tantrums", and after sharing your response with our son and his wife, the parents, I was informed by my son that our granddaughter is not "totally" unaware that the tantrum is happening. So sorry for the misinformation. She does, though, seem to be unable to "snap out of it" when the tantrum occurs. For the most part, she is aware of her actions although she doesn't always communicate why she acted like that when dad or mom intervenes to talk to her about it. When she is sometimes aware, our son and his wife are able to talk about what upset her. Interestingly, her tantrums have not ever occurred at school. So is the seizure disorder still a possibility in your opinion? Is there a possible hormonal imbalance, or something else neurological? It does seem more than behavioral, but you are the expert, and we all respect your opinion and welcome any advice. Thanks so much for your anticipated response!

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