7 year old with hysterical stomach aches


For the last 28 days my 7 year old daughter has been having "stomach aches". It all started with a legitimate case of the flu but the "stomach ache" has persisted all month long. Her stomach pains are so severe she throws her body on the floor screaming and crying in pain every morning for at least 2 hours, every evening for at least 2 hours and intermittently throughout the day. We have taken her to the doctos (3 times), the hospital for blood work, x rays and tests but the professionals have found nothing wrong. I would also like to note that the medicine they gave her "doesn't work". So, that leaves us with an out of control, screaming, thrashing, crying 7 year old with nothing wrong. I have tried different tactics such as ignoring, taking away privledges, leaving the room, sending her to her room, talking about it, even extra TLC but she is so persistent and unresponsive to authority. I am baffled by this behavior and would like to know how to handle it. Thank you.

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