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Our almost 7 year old son was caught fingering a 5 year old boy cousin in the butt. Our son said they both were doing this with each other and smelling their finger.
Our son deeply regrets the incident and insists that has never been done to him before or that he has done it to others. He understands this is not acceptable behavior. We went to see our reputable, pediatrician who states to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviors and to understand children at this age may explore various body parts.
This occurred 3 months ago and my cousin continues to keep her son away from our son. Her position is her son was sexually assaulted by our son and does not show any solution except to keep them apart.
Both children continue to ask about seeing each other. My suggestion is to allow them to be together in a public, structured environment with adult supervision. She only states she needs more time.
Can this incident be considered sexual assault and my child is a sexual predator?

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