Bluey Blues


I've discovered the Australian kids' show, Bluey. My 7-year-old boy knows about it and has seen some episodes. I'm skeptical of all things aimed at children. I've probably watched 8-10 episodes with him, and I think I've figured out what bugs me about it. It feels like the parents (especially the dad) are the kids' playmates - if they want him to drop everything, he drops everything to play with them. It's very child-centric, which bothers me. I didn't know if Mr. Rosemond had seen this show and if my instincts were right about it (because it's a sweet show overall). Thoughts?


Not certain if John Rosemond has watched the Bluey show, however, I can attest to the fact that he does not teach his parent coaches to ascribe to “gentle parenting” as defined by the woke agenda. Understand that the draw for this show is definitely the cute characters and accents. The content does have an agenda as most of the media offerings. The world does not operate like this show depicts. When a parent becomes a playmate and best friend to their children, the relationship becomes skewed and quite honestly, is kind of creepy. Being an authority figure to your children is not onerous. It is the best experience you can give them as they grow up. If you focus on running your household in a child centric manner, how will you manage to nurture your marriage?

Follow your instincts because you are on the right track and don’t be fooled by cuteness.

Gretchen Slover

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