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Our 8 y/o son (almost 9) was diagnosed a few yrs ago with ADHD and has an IEP. The interventions are not working - I'm not surprised. They say he lacks quality of work/effort and is easily distracted, which I agree with. He does not follow instructions fully and does what he can from memory and hands in his work. I've read John's book about success in school and I follow the ABC plan of homework. I recommended to the school that if he cannot stay focused on schoolwork and follow instructions to not allow him to go to recess. They did not like that at all however they are going to try it for 3 weeks and then they called for another meeting. They said my son is kind, well-mannered and respectful. He has always had a challenge with staying focused and is in la la land. Should I try to implement a daily report card as suggested by the book I read? Or do I tie in the ticket system from home and school together? I no longer believe in ADHD thanks to John! Thanks!

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