Potty training readiness


Day 4 of training my 22 month old girl, and I'm at a loss. Naked, potty bell, reinforcement of expectations with mistakes. She almost always runs to the potty the minute she starts peeing herself, but she is almost never going on the actual potty. She can sit on it for upwards of 20-30 minutes - not a drop - and then pee the floor 5 minutes after I let her up. I don't think she's getting it; and even using the potty bell is difficult because she sometimes is going large amounts every 5-10 minutes, and sometimes not going for a couple hours. I've tried the gate today as well, and she just plays and pees on the floor in the gated area - usually because she stands up the minute she starts going. Help! I'm very discouraged and wondering if she's just not ready.

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