My 7 year old grandson has pulled his pants down 3 times in the last year and showed his penis. The 1st time, it was while his great-aunt, her grown son and daughter-in-law, and their 7 year old girl and 9 year old boy were babysitting him and his 5 year old brother for the evening. The 2nd time was to a teenage female Sunday School teacher, and the 3rd time was to a girl in his 1st grade class. His parents, the pastor, and the principal calmly, factually, and emphatically explained to him why it was completely unacceptable and why he could never do that again. He had his treasured one hour “screen time” taken away for a week. He is diagnosed ADHD. He’s a sweet, kind, smart, and outgoing child. His parents are frantic to make it stop! What do you suggest? Any idea what his motivation is? It does not appear to be sexually motivated. Please help! We appreciate any guidance you can offer!

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