Help! My Son Plays With "Girl" Toys!


Our son is about to turn 7. We have implemented all of John’s suggestions in getting him to play with boy toys. Our son is doing much better BUT he is still gravitating to wanting to play with his sisters toys WITH her (she invites him). We have responded firmly with a “no, you are a boy and those are girl toys” and his immediate response is “I know, I know” and he begins to argue with us. My husband has asked him why he wants to play with her toys and our son responded with “they’re colorful, and I like dressing them, organizing, etc.” He is engineer minded, likes art, drawing, designing but we need help/suggestions as how to go forward. Toy recommendations? And how to parent him because “I said so and God made you a boy” (which is what Mr. Rosemond told us to say) doesn’t seem to be hitting home with him. Thank you.

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