I have read and love “making the terrible twos terrific”. I have also read through many of the questions on aggression/defiance but still need some clarification. My 20 month old will bang his head against me, hit, scratch, bite when he does not get his way. If we are playing outside and I tell him we are going inside and start guiding him that way, he starts the aggressive stuff. I know I am supposed to put him down (if I am holding him), hold his hands, and tell him firmly NO, and then take him to a take out spot. So do I just stare at him until he calms to take him to the take out spot OR do I scoop him up and carry him to it kicking and screaming/scratching/biting and repeat the NO when we reach the time out spot? Maybe try and hold his hands/cover mouth while transporting him? How does this work in public as well? Take him to the car or an out of the way spot for time out? Thank you in advance!!

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