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We are entering a season for my 12 year old daughter when we would like her to be more independent. She is great with homework, but still needs to be told to stop homework to go shower, wash up her lunches. She does them without complaint, but doesn’t manage her time. We have had structure for a long time now to fit these in, and I’ve recently left her to organise herself with what she needs to do but it’s not going so well. Often it’s 6:30pm dinner time and she hasn’t showered or washed her lunchboxes. Also needs to be reminded on her weekend chores. With my 9 year old son, he also still needs reminders on the fact that he needs to practise violin daily, needs time management to fit in his saturday chores, and that he needs reminders on handing in his homework on Friday. The teacher doesn’t seem to care that they don’t do homework - but we do want him to be diligent. How do we lead both kids towards independence in terms of things they have to do without the structure, and reminders?

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