Why Is My Toddler Suddenly Screaming During the Night?


Our 20-month-old shares a room with his 3-year-old brother. The past few nights he has woken up screaming at the top of his lungs for us. He stays in bed but screams and screams. We will go in after 10 minutes to tell him it’s bedtime and go to sleep and leave the room. Eventually he stops but will wake again 30 minutes to an hour later. He sometimes does this all night long.

My question is do we let him cry going in occasionally to tell him it’s time for sleep? We have also tried to put him in the room with the empty crib to prove “no screaming” and also to stop him from disturbing his brother. He will scream for hours if we do this. Not sure which is correct. We just want to find the right course of action and stick to it.

Side note, if he screams in the early morning hours he will come in when the sun is up acting like nothing is wrong. So I know it isn’t nightmares.

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