18-m/o girl stands before finishing her business


We’ve been potty training our 18 month-old girl for five days. We’ve been using the gate and the bell, though sometimes they’re not necessary now. She will sit on the potty when we tell her she needs to poop or go potty, though we often need to remind her to sit or just pick her up and put her back on the potty when she starts to get up and walk away. She’s starting to recognize the feeling of needing to go, but every time she finally goes (either poop or potty), she stands up right over or in front of the potty chair at the last second and goes everywhere (and sometimes she screams, especially when pooping). I don’t understand why she keeps standing up or how to handle it. We just say “sit down to go potty/poop” and when she’s done tell her good job because at least some of it went in the potty chair (which is a recent improvement). Any tips on the issue of standing up at the last second?

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