We have a 6 year old son who is always wanting to play with his almost 4 year old sister's toys and we've noticed more femininity. Whenever she gets something new (only at Christmas and birthdays), we have found our son will somehow sneak her girl-appropriate toys in his room and play with them. And he is always fighting with her over toys even when they're not his. He wants to be the princess when dressing up and his father and I have gently suggested him to be a knight, or the prince. We have implemented sports, camping, boys trips- without putting too much pressure on our son. My husband takes him to trail life (a christian Boy Scouts organization) and he is surrounded by godly, wonderful men in his life. At our church he is the only boy often in Sunday school and Wednesday night. We are struggling to understand what is going on. Is this a competition battle or cry for attention? Since he's almost 7, do I draw the line at: these are your sisters toys and you have yours?

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