We have a very particular 32 month old. We've followed John's teachings for our other two from toddlerhood but this kid has us scratching our heads.
This child of ours had a rough start to life; sometimes he'd forget to breathe & have a seizure. This followed him into meltdowns though he seems to have grown out of them & hasn't had one since 18 months old. But this led to us catering to his demands & immediate wants to avoid a hospital visit.
Now he's 2.5, & a very particular, persnickety child. He needs things exactly his way, from him being the one to open/close the door (& no one is allowed to leave until he opens: yes, it sounds like a hostage situation), to him getting upset because we said the wrong thing, to him having to be the one to hit the pause button if we're watching a movie. Tantrums for hours ensue if we don't play the game. Cute at first, but now it's crippling. Is this just something he's going to grow out of? Or something he needs nipped in the bud? Thank you!

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