It was the first day of school today for my 11-year-old (5th grade) and 8 year-old (3rd grade). An exciting day for all involved. My 11-year-old girl came home from school today and I asked how her first day of school was? She replied that her teacher (a male) told the class that he is married to a man and had photographs to go with it. This teacher is new to the school for this school year. My wife and I don't care whether the teacher is gay or not, but find it highly inappropriate for him to be sharing such personal information with 10 and 11-year-olds. I would say the same for a heterosexual teacher or a teacher sharing about their personal belief system, when it is not applicable to the job at hand (teaching reading, writing and arithmetic). Any suggestions on how to address this (with the teacher and our daughter) in a constructive way? Thank You.

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