Potty training struggles


My husband and I are finally potty training our 28 month old and it's been a struggle. He understands our commands but decides to fight them at every turn. He resists going onto the potty and once he is there, can stay for a little while calmy, but generally whines to to get off. He does not pee or poop while sitting on the potty, but wets/dirties underwear soon after and THEN says he wants to go potty and wants dry underwear. We give him little treats for just sitting on the potty. I've now started telling him that he only gets treats if he actually pees or poops in the potty. No luck yet. He is generally getting into a very defiant phase -- there is a lot of crying and whining which is driving me crazy. Having read John's potty training book sometime ago, I understand my struggle partly may be due to training too late. Please help.

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