We have a large and close-knit extended family with 27 cousins newborn to 16-years-old. A few months ago, at a family gathering there was a surprising incident of sexual misconduct involving a 13-year-old male cousin and 9-year-old female cousin. The 13-year-old boy made the girl touch him in an inappropriate way. The incident did not come to light for about 10 weeks after it happened. Both sets of parents were very upset, with the parents of the boy saying they could no longer come to any family functions because of what happened and the parents of the girl not wanting their family around the older boy but seeking also to forgive. At this point, the girl has expressed not wanting to see the boy either. As a family, we are unsure how to proceed with moving our whole family past this in a healthy way for all families. We would all like to find a way to be together again but it feels quite complicated. Counseling for the kids separately or together, more time, or not possible? Guidance!

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