My children are 13, 11 and 8 years old. We are Christian, and being so, believe in treating others with respect, even when we don't agree with the other's lifestyle. We will be attending a multi-day family function at Grandma's home this summer. We were informed a teenage cousin (boy) has come out as transgender and will be attending. More recently we were told this boy will be bringing his transgender boyfriend (girl transitioning to boy) at the encouragement of Grandma. How do we attend this multi-day function and be respectful, while at the same time be assertive enough to intervene if we or our own children are confronted with inappropriate talk or behavior from Grandma, the mother or the transgender teenagers? Gramdma and the boy's mom have already praised this relationship publicly to us and we are afraid they will do the same in the presence of our children. One of our weaknesses is we tend not to be assertive enough and we want to have a plan. Any suggestions?

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