Derailed potty training


Hi, my son is 25 months. I potty trained him at 23 months with the "oh crap potty training" method. In the 4 days we took, he was doing fine, having only 1 or 0 accidents a day. Except for poop, which he didn't manage to do on the potty and held until it came out. But I wasn't worried. Problem is : he is forced to wear diapers at daycare until he is completely accident free. After 2 weeks, he started having accidents all over the place at home where he was diaper free and he never asked to use the potty at daycare. So I decided to put him back in pull ups all the time and wait until the summer when I have 4 weeks off work to train again. Problem : after 4 weeks he will go back to daycare. What should I do? I feel like he was totally getting it but wearing diapers at daycare derailed the process... Should I use those nylon waterproof diaper covers at daycare after the 4 weeks, since guess what the caregiver wants is back-up?

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