3 year old night-time blues


Our two oldest children are boys and share a room. They are ages 3 and 6. In general, our nighttime routine is pretty streamlined and they are in bed around 7:30. They go to bed easily but in the last 4-6 weeks, we have struggled on and off with the 3 year old getting out of bed and coming to our room anytime between 11pm-3am. To be fair, there are a handful of days in this period that were due to illness. There were a few nights due to illness where we did allow him to come into our bed. However, we now believe he is healthy and trying to manipulate (saying he’s not feeling well etc.) to try to achieve that same result. We have told him that it is not an option. If he was the only person in the room, we would stick with plan of putting him back in but he’s disturbing the 6 year old with his crying and meltdowns when we do this. Would love some guidance on strategy.

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