4 year old working the system


Hello, I am just beginning the ticket strategy with my 4 yr old and I have a couple questions that I am unable to find the answer too.

1. If the very last ticket is lost while already getting ready or in bed for the night, what do you do? That eliminates the consequence of staying in your room for the day as well as early bedtime so then what then? If tickets start over in the morning what is the incentive for her not to wait until bedtime to unleash the hellian and use up all her tickets?

2. Given her behavior for the last, well forever, we’ve started off the ticket system with also removing everything from her bedroom. My intention was that after and if she had gone a week without losing all her tickets she could start getting 1 item back at a time for her room but then at what point do I remove the items again? Upon the next time she loses all her tickets again?

3. In the past she has proven nearly impossible to keep her in her room when she does not want to be in there despite spanking her to motivate her to stay in her room. When she loses all her tickets and is confined to her room for the day what am I supposed to do if she refuses to stay in her room or continues to come out if I’ve already removed all of her toys and privileges?

4. Previously before starting this ticket system I had taken all candy/desserts/ or treats away for a month (immediately following Halloween and she is very sweats motivated despite having a strict outlining of what sweats are allowed (no dyes, high fructose corn syrup ect) this will also end up landing over Thanksgiving which means no pie and apple pie is her absolute favorite.
Do I continue with this now that we’ve started the ticket system or do we start over giving her the chance to make good choices using the ticket system?

Thank you for any help and advice. I just want to make sure I’m making the correct kind of impact so it will be as effective as possible.

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