Hiccup on the road to diaper freedom!


We started potty training our toddler about 5 months ago when he was 26 months. Unfortunately, we had not discovered Rosemond's books yet. We used a similar, but not exact same method.

We ditched diapers other than naps and nighttime, never going back, and kept him naked from the waist down for the first couple of days and then went to going commando. Every time he had an accident we told him that pee and poop don't go on the floor or his pants and that it goes in the potty. He will repeat it back to us as well.

We are struggling with him still having accidents. He actually does great on car rides and will tell us if he has to pee or poop, but at home or at other people's houses we just have to tell him to go throughout the day. He typically won't let us know if he goes in his pants and he just doesn't seem to care. Any consequence we have tried also don't seem to work...he just doesn't seem to care! We have instituted a rule for the past couple of weeks that if he pees or poops in his pants he has to stay in his room for a period of time (usually an hour or hour and a half). He seems upset most times that we do this...but still no major changes in accidents.

My questions are 1.) Are we being too harsh or too lenient in a consequence for his age? and 2.) Is there something else we can do to help him figure it out?

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