Toilet training- acting out or an accident?


We potty trained our daughter at 2yr 1mo old. She is 2yr 6mo old now. Today, her teacher at daycare said every time they told her “no” today, she would walk away and have a pee accident. They implied our daughter is having accidents either on purpose or to act out. Since we are not there at the daycare, we can’t see what’s going on in the classroom. But she had 5 accidents today which is very unusual for our daughter. Nothing at home has changed recently and to our knowledge nothing at the daycare has changed recently either. Do children at that age have pee accidents to act out? We have witnessed times where we tell our daughter “no” and she starts crying and then she has an accident while she’s crying. So we know it’s possible for her to have accidents in that way while she’s crying. But I don’t know if she’s at an age yet where she would purposefully pee on the floor to act out. If the answer is no, can you offer advice on what we can say to the teacher to help with accidents at daycare?

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