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My 27-month daughter was potty trained 2 months ago and was doing great. She was not having accidents. 2 weeks ago I gave birth to our second daughter and now my 2-yr old is having accidents. She also isn’t telling us she has to go. She just pees wherever she is... standing in the livingroom, playing on her play mat, sitting on the couch, sitting in her kitchen chair, etc. It seems as though sometimes she’s “forgotten” her potty training. What is the best approach to getting her back on track? (Note: it’s not all accidents. She will use the small potty in her bedroom after we put her to bed or first thing in the morning. She will also use the big potty and/or sometimes she alerts us that she’s about to go pee, but we went from 0 accidents to now at least 1 accident a day at home, sometimes 2, plus the accidents she has at daycare which used to be 0-1 and is now 1-4 accidents per day). What can we do to be better parents for our 2-year old right now to helping her get back on track with potty training? Why does it seem like she’s “forgotten” her potty training now that a new baby is here? Thanks!

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